The Beauty of Friendship

Recently, I have been reminded of the beauty of friendship! I’m talking about those friends you can call at 4 in the morning who will pick up the phone without hesitation. You may have ups and downs through the years, but these girls are loyal to the bone and honest enough to say…”You looked better as a blonde.” In the age of social media the meaning of friendship has become somewhat diluted and having 500 Facebook friends certainly does not bring fulfillment. But true friends add such richness and beauty to each shared experience that we become better because of them! These relationships, however, cannot be one sided. In order to have one, we must cultivate a few important traits.

Here are six ways to nurture your very best friendships:

Be a good listener: Sometimes it’s all about you, but when it’s not, accept that and be quiet. Listen and remember so you are able to give sound and valuable advice.

Be honest and objective: Your friend doesn’t always need a yes girl. If you don’t agree, choose your words kindly, let go of judgment, but help her gain perspective by looking at another point of view to gain clarity. Objectivity is really a girl’s best friend.

Be supportive: Revel in your friend’s successes!

Boundaries are ok: A healthy friendship does not mean a co-dependent one. Respect for each others boundaries and time are a must.

Be ok with the ebb and flow: Life gets busy. Priorities with work and family must be at the top of the list most of the time. It’s ok if you go through a phase of not talking every week. The beauty is that when you do, you’ll pick right back up where you left off. However, don’t hesitate to surprise them with a note in the mail or an “I’m missing you” text.

Be loyal and trustworthy: Stay true to your word, keep secrets and don’t gossip (it’s not pretty!)



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