Prep your Body for Summer!

Follow these tips for a beautiful Summer body!

~I’m in love with The Perfect Body Lotion by The Perfect Derma.  It contains 15% glycolic acid which exfoliates and brightens the skin. Mix a dime size amount in with your regular body lotion after bathing.  Get ready for the smoothest most even toned legs ever.  Perfect summer body indeed!

~Jojoba oil is the most effective multi-tasking oil I have found.  1. Perfect for scalp health, massage before showering to stimulate hair growth. 2. Mix a few drops in with your body lotion in the morning to give your skin a dewy glow.  3. Use nightly as a moisturizer after a day in the sun.  It soaks in beautifully, will not clog pores and your skin will look incredibly healthy the next morning.

~The best Detox is not the most glamorous but it is the most effective.  Drum roll please!  Drink a bottle of water.  Then drink another.  Our cells and organs have to stay adequately hydrated to function properly.  This includes the flushing of toxins and promoting healthy elimination which will zap uncomfortable bloating and puffiness.  Consider adding electrolytes into your water (a pinch of sea salt or mineral drops).

~Dry brushing provides benefits both internally and externally.  It exfoliates, removes dead skin cells, and stimulates the lymph system (which has to be working efficiently for your skin to glow and to stimulate weight loss).  It also encourages collagen production and is one of the best remedies for reducing the appearance of cellulite!  All strokes toward your heart.  Begin with your feet and move up the leg paying special attention to the back of the thigh. Use upward strokes moving up to your lower back. Now work from your arms towards your chest. Swoop down your neck and up your stomach.  You can get my favorite here.



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