Embrace the Fall

5 Ways to Embrace the Fall

Add this drink to your evening routine:

Have you tried hemp milk? Not only creamy and delicious, it’s a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and boasts an impressive list of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Warm about a cup of hemp milk, sprinkle with turmeric, add a dash of cardamom.  It’s anti-inflammatory, nourishing and so soothing as you begin to wind down before bed.

Experiment with this spice:

Cinnamon helps curb sugar cravings! For a luscious and light dessert, sauté a pear or apple in coconut oil and a healthy amount of cinnamon.  It leaves the coziest scent lingering your kitchen and the taste is decadent. Curl up and savor this treat with zero guilt about refined sugar or unhealthy fat. Also try adding cinnamon to your tea or coffee.

Go for more walks:

A 15-minute stroll first thing in the morning or after dinner is the perfect way to decompress and become centered. As you walk, increase your awareness of the colors, scents, and sounds around you. The crispness of the fall air will renew your energy and invigorate your mind and body.

Make better food choices:

Nutritionally sub-par snacks are easily accessible during this time of year with more parties and get togethers. Become conscious of your food choices now instead of January 1st. This does not mean stress or feel guilty about them.  Instead bring awareness to what you are eating to fuel your body. Ask yourself the question “how will this make my body feel?” Approaching your choices in this way will allow you to truly embrace the new year happy, healthy and inspired.

Discover which foods are in season and try a new recipe:

Do you know the which fruits and vegetables are in season? There are so many good ones this time of year…cranberries, rutabagas, parsnips, and swiss chard to name a few! Change up your go-to recipes and try a new one using a few of these. You can google the list.


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