Summer Lemonade for Glowing Skin

Summer Lemonade for Glowing Skin and Sustained Energy

This is the simplest recipe but a detox powerhouse for your skin.

1/2 Lemon squeezed:

Loaded with Vitamin C and enzymes, lemons are a superfood that cleanse the body inside and out.  They are known to support the liver which is the main organ that detoxifies the body.  If we want glowing skin, we want the liver doing its job.

2-3 TB Aloe Vera juice:

Aloe is incredibly nourishing to your digestive system, an immunity booster, and internal cleanser.  I love Lily of the Desert that contains the “inner fillet” (you can pick this up at Publix in the juice aisle).  I promise it’s not thick and jelly- like!  It does have a slightly bitter taste, but it cuts the acidity of the lemon which I like.


3-5 drops for sweetness.

Mint Leaves:

You can add any herb you like to your lemonade, but mint is so refreshing (basil is another good option).  Mint is considered a cooling herb because it causes a slight drop in your body temperature.  I like to add 3-4 leaves in my jug.  At the end I usually eat them!






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