10 Ways to Look Less Tired

These Tips will Help you Look Less Tired Right Now!

Elevate your legs

While lying on your back, scoot your bottom to the edge of the wall and bring your legs up.  Why? It increases circulation, giving you a healthy glow and the extra benefit of feeling energized.  20 minutes of elevation feels like an hour long nap and you will look less tired!


Add belly breaths (diaphragmatic breathing) while you’re elevating your legs for self-care multi-tasking. Do this 10x.

Lemon water

The benefits of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning are too good to ignore.  The vitamin C gives your body an energetic boost as well as helping to detoxify your liver.  The warm water stimulates digestion by flushing toxins and increasing circulation.  It balances the nervous system, and enhances your skin quality.  Too sour for your taste?  Add a few drops of stevia or honey.

Keep eye cream in the fridge

Instant rejuvenation for under eye fatigue.

Add more good fats to your diet

Find a way to add a spoonful of coconut oil and avocado to your diet daily.  Your skin and brain will thank you!

Sleep more

Go to bed 30 minutes early.  No better beauty secret than being well-rested. Notice the difference in how you can present yourself to the world.  Look less tired indeed!

Eliminate Dairy

Dairy is very heavy, congestive, and one of the top causes of undesirable skin conditions like cystic acne, dark circles and uneven skin tone.  Fall in love with almond and coconut milk!

Drink Golden Milk

Try sipping on this anti-inflammatory drink as you wind down in the evening to nourish your nerves and prepare your body for a rejuvenating beauty sleep.  1 cup warmed almond milk, ½ tsp turmeric, 1 tsp honey, dash of cardamom.

Move your body

Reach, bend, twist, squat.  Our bodies are meant to move. If you are seated for long periods of time during your day, set a timer for every 30 minutes.  Take 1 minute to stand up, stretch your legs, take a deep breath and quick walk around the office.

Lighten Up

Laugh as much as you can! Stress depletes your beauty and energy.


People who meditate everyday look and feel younger.  It does not have to for long periods of time, but it does need to be consistent.  Find 2-5 minutes to sit with eyes closed and back straight.  Become aware of your breath with each inhalation and exhalation…ahhhh.

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